Chairman’s Message

The Indian Upanishadic Philosophical tradition attributes five dharmas to the Sath Guru – the true teacher. That include Gnana raksha( protection of knowledge), Dhukhakshaya ( diminishing of sorrows ), sukhaavirbhava(welling up of bliss), samruthianubhava(abundance experience) and sarvasamvardhan(integrated development). This had meeting points with the Christian expectation from teachers as modeled in Christ Jesus himself. He was wisdom incarnate-the logos, the one who promised to wipe every tear, the one who was willing to give up life so that many would experience the fullness of Christ. Jesus always envisaged a holistic kingdom perspective in education. In a context of e-families and virtual class rooms I would reiterate the need of the human touch in the education system. The ultimate aim of education is to groom wonderful human beings with a caring and compassionate heart who in community would make life meaningful.

Kazant Zakis once said, “Ideal teachers are those who see themselves as bridges over which they invite the students to cross, then having facilitated the crossing joyfully collapse, encouraging them to create bridges of their own”. I would go one step further to say, encouraging them to walk in the water, in community and in koinonia.

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News and Events
  • INTERCOLLEGIATE SPORTS FEST 2020 A two days Intercollegiate sports is organized on 17th & 18th of January 2020. On 17th Throw Ball competition for Women and on 18th A Cricket tournament for both Men & Women will be conducted.
  • Inauguration of unit of CACEE of University of Kerala The Centre for Adult Continuing Education and Extension of University of Kerala has sanctioned it's unit in our College. The inauguration of this unit will be done by Rev. Dr. Gnanadas, Vice Chairman of the Diocese on 9th January 2020 at 11.00am
  • CHRISTMAS CELEBRATIONS 2019 Christmas celebration of the College is on Friday 20th December. Food Fest, Christmas card making competition, star making competition, Carol song competition, Old age home visit etc are the major programmes.
  • Admission Started B.Ed & M.Ed Admission started
14- Aug- 2022